About Us

Our Story

We are a Leading Irish business management support provider with 20+ Years’ experience servicing the Quarrying, Concrete manufacturing & distribution industry in Ireland & the UK.

We supply innovative software products & services to support quarries of all sizes, helping businesses become more profitable and efficient with the right IT network, business software & support.

Our Concrete dispatching software solution Loop for Readymix is designed to increase driver efficiency & customer satisfaction while providing real-time data allowing management to track your entire operation & use the data to support decision making.

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Our Mission

To empower Owners & Managers to make informed decisions using real-time accurate data with the aim of increasing profitability & productivity while decreasing costs.

Our Product

Loop for Readymix

An extremely useful and modern tool which can monitor, manage & track all concrete orders, deliveries, and driver/vehicle efficiency in real time. Integrate all data available in the company on a single platform, connects your ERP/accounts software, Batch plant software and vehicle tracking systems.

Improve the commitment & productivity of your drivers thought Loop for Readymix driver APP. Pass accurate information to the customer about deliveries via the Loop for Readymix customer APP.

Access historical data that helps in business analysis, facilitating decision making and bringing fantastic benefits and cost reduction to the operation.

Less bureaucracy.

Easy cost-free customisation

Use of all the infrastructure you already have. 

We respect your business singularities.

Available wherever you are.

Enabling access to qualified information for an effective management of concrete sites, from end to end - in a simple, integrated, and friendly way. That's how we contribute to avoid rework and waste, in addition to directly impact business productivity.

Logistics optimisation

Significant improvement in analysis and decision making due to a solid and user-friendly reporting system

Web service that does not need servers

Amazing UX through an exclusive app

Operational performance improvement, using audit and control tools

Loop for readymix truck